Practicing Interconnectedness

The days of master and apprentice are coming to an end. The new way will be fellow journeyers sharing their experiences, insights and methods that nurture us. Gordon Eagleheart is one such adventurer who has struggled through adversity and realized the incredible potential of human existence.

gordonGordon Eagleheart offers his presence in service for the awakening of human consciousness. He holds a space for people to see the truth of our connectedness. During his younger years, Gordon was a fully engaged member of the American scientific community. He was a senior research engineer specializing in heat transfer, thermodynamics and aerodynamics. When relevant, he can say with authority, “This is not rocket science.” He was a firm believer of the scientific method and skeptic of anything not scientifically measurable. Gordon lived the American dream, creating a career, family and building a home. All the while ignoring emptiness inside as he sought to find things in life that would make him happy. Like many in America he was unaware of the interconnectedness of everything, until the universe forcefully pushed him forward.

Gordon has walked through great periods of darkness and despair. His experience and discoveries are of great value to all. In his book Journey to Light he shares much of his journey and presents basic principles of how we can use the power of our consciousness to transform ourselves from a victim of our circumstances and our domestication to a true authentic expression of our aliveness.

L1030672MSGordon has journeyed far and gained access to great wisdom. He has worked with native elders of the Lakota and Navajo tribes. Gordon is an Eagle Knight of the Toltec Traditions as taught by don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements. He is a Toltec guide for those seeking guidance from habitual ways that do not nurture the true self.

Gordon has years of experience working in the field of behavioral health. He was an alcohol and drug abuse counselor while residing in Maine. He works as a consultant for the State of New Mexico teaching others the art of support for one another. Since moving to New Mexico Gordon shifted his focus toward increasing awareness of the value of spiritual practices for wellness.

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