Fight or Embrace


Within each of us resides two forms of consciousness; the authentic self and the
domesticated self. How we hold these forms determines how we experience life.

The authentic self is the divine self. It is the source of unconditional love, compassion,
forgiveness, generosity, contentment, serenity, humility, peace, joy, truth and honesty.

The domesticated self is the self which has been given to us by others. It is the self
which is the result of our life experiences. It is the source of greed, resentment, self-pity,
anger, envy, jealousy, superiority and ego. This self is learned from our friends, family,
culture and society. It is a shared dream of how humans interact. What most do not
know is that the shared dream is a lie existing only because we believe it to be true.

Many who strive to be the authentic self choose to fight the domesticated self. Years of
yoga training, years of meditative practice, years of disciplining the mind while the two
selves do battle in an ongoing struggle for dominance of the life force they share. Days
and weeks of inner peace appear only to fall victim to the evil ego once more. Such is the
form of life for those who choose to fight the domesticated self.

Freedom from suffering, freedom from internal conflict can only be realized when we
give up the fight and embrace “that which we are not” with love, compassion, humility
and honesty. Only when we embrace and accept that which is not our authentic self
can we become whole, complete and an ongoing natural expression of our divinity.
As one pursues enlightenment take care of how you choose to be with yourself.

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