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What readers are saying …

“Journey to Light is vast in scope, deep in insight, saturated with wisdom, and expressed with bright beauty. I am certain that it will touch many lives.”
– Francis Rico, Author of “A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty”

JTL Front Book Cover“Journey to Light is a very valuable contribution to the Recovery literature. The basis for the narrative, the mythological struggle between the Eagle and the Condor, represents the ongoing human process to find a balance in which individuals and communities can live and blossom. The principles illustrated by the author to facilitate the path to Recovery provide a valuable guide on how to reach a state of individual and community awareness in which Recovery transcends the boundaries of individual problems with substances, and assumes the deeper meaning of a restoration of balance for individuals, communities, and the entire planet. Moreover, the work is not a theoretical narrative, but offers a very pragmatic approach on how to foster, attain, and disseminate the essence of recovery”.
– Dr. Marcello A. Maviglia, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, UNM/ Department of Family And Community Medicine/ Institute For Indigenous Knowledge And Development, Albuquerque, NM

“I found this book to be overflowing with love and inspiration for deep transformation, which will challenge every reader. It is powerful guidance for humanity, as more humans respond to the call to awaken. Gordon Eagleheart provides detailed guidance for the transformation of the human dream, in a way that respects all of Life.”
– Christine, California

“It makes so much sense” … “A wonderful and powerful book!”
– Mark Macisaac, LADC (Licenced Alcohol and Drug Counselor), Maine

JTL Book Back CoverThe Principles

The Eagle Condor Principles are laws of nature that govern consciousness. They are presented in a language of recovery so the reader can embrace the natural rules that guide us to harmony between mind and the sacredness of Life. Eagle represents the mind. Condor represents spirit. And the body is the expression of their communion in material form.

 Changing the World

It’s time for the eagle and condor to fly together. It’s time to allow the mind and heart to unite and touch the wisdom within. We’re being asked by universal consciousness to become whole and complete; to let go of illusions that prevent us from being our authentic harmonious self. The nights of competition, self-centeredness and greed are ending. The days of collaboration, altruism and generosity are rising.
The way we change the world is by changing ourselves.

Forging a New Frontier

Those who choose to live a life in recovery are the seeds of growth in human consciousness. They may not know it, but they are forging a new frontier. As people change, they change the world. People living in recovery are learning the skills we all need to learn if we are to shift from unhealthy dysfunctional patterns to lifestyles that are sustainable and healthy. This book is meant to nurture a recovery movement in humanity. The principles presented are designed to support the awakening process and heal and unify us. All of humanity is suffering from our disharmonious ways. We are the Giant who is asleep dreaming a dream that prevents us from living in harmony with ourself, each other and all of Nature.


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