The Caterpillar Community

I have learned that we are more like caterpillars than I ever imagined. We enter the world and are taught to fear danger. Be careful of the roaming birds, watch out for the spider webs. Often sweet tasting plants are traps awaiting our demise. We crawl around in fear and yet we feel a longing to be something more. We feel a desire to be free and fly away to peace, harmony and contentment.

blog-fluteWe seek to soar on peaceful winds away from sadness and sorrow.

The desire is strong but the fear is also strong. Some face the fear and willingly move forward. Many remain in fear, eating the leaves of discontent and sorrow. They watch as some dare to build a cocoon. They see others struggle and work, day in and day out. They watch as others toil through transformation, take flight and enter a new life freely dancing on the waves of opportunity.

The remaining caterpillars ponder, “Is it worth the effort? Being a caterpillar isn’t all that bad. Sure we live in fear and worry but at least we do not have to go through all that trouble of changing who we are. This fear seems safer than the freedom to fly. Besides, I like the taste of these leaves even though I complain about them often.”

It does not matter what you think is true. It is only what you think anyway. Who we are is found through experience. Only by building the cocoon and transforming can we feel the freedom of flight and know the true nature of human experience.

I have discovered the truth of what we are. We are divine beings pretending we are not divine. We are a powerful love force afraid to live a life in love. I know you are divine even if you believe the lie that you are not.

I fly away in peace and love knowing you too can fly whenever you wish to build your cocoon and transform into a beautiful expression of ongoing love, peace, contentment and acceptance.

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